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White Pride/White Supremacy/Neo-Nazi in U.S.

Photo: KKK night rally in Chicago (1920) by Underwood & Underwood [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons The seeds of White Supremacy/White Pride have been planted deeply for hundreds of years.  Through the democratization in the United States, the activities of White Supremacy have never completely died down but have expanded through a quiet route.   According to the Wikipedia, [...]
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China-Study Abroad News & Scholarships

4 Chinese Students Arrested for Admissions Cheating Scam

Source: Fox News, May 4, 2017 Article: "4 students accused of college admissions entry scam" About 4 Accused Chinese Students NameYue WangShikun ZhangLeyi HuangXiaomeng ChengAge25242121Studied atHult International Business SchoolNortheastern Univ.Pennsylvania State Univ.Arizona State Univ.Arrested inMassachusetts Massachusetts New JerseyArizona/* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: [...]
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Travel Warning

Warning! U.S. Customs Officials May Examine or Seize Your Cell Phone

Ever since the so-called Patriot Act was signed into law by then US President George W. Bush,  American hysteria in post 911 era has led to a continued erosion of our civil liberties along a growing list of government intrusions to our personal privacy.    This is according to an April 28, 2017 published report by Forbes Magazine. Your [...]
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Story to tell

Story: A Victim of U.S. Visa Officials’ Mistake

Personal Info Name: Alaa Alsaabee Country of Citizenship: Syria Gender: Male Education: graduated from Near East University (located in North Cyprus) His Dream to earn a master’s degree in engineering at Wayne State University, located in Detroit, Michigan What Happened? He had an interview scheduled for his student visa in late January.   However, the interview was canceled [...]
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Story to tell

From Being Homeless to Studying Abroad

  Elizabeth Camarillo-Gutierrez, a beautiful young promising girl from Tucson, Arizona, was once one of more than 1,000 homeless students served by Youth On Their Own (YOTO).   As described by Arizona Business Daily, YOTO is “an empowerment agency that offers accountability-based financial assistance and support services to at-risk and homeless youth so they can focus on […]

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Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

Warning: Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease Hitting U.S. Colleges

Berkeley Experts Warn: Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease on College Campuses The highly contagious and painful hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is spreading across campuses at American universities, according to an infectious disease expert at University of California Berkeley. “This represents a silent epidemic because people don’t know they have the virus, and we don’t […]

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Complaint Scam Ripoff

Stories: Complaint, Scam and Ripoff (update: 1/17/2017)

These ripoff reports could be found on  Just use keywords “colleges and universities” and click “search. Below is the latest list of college/university scams and rip-off reports (by victims) in every STATE. The report titles and reported dates (Month/Day/Year) are indicated.  (The year of 2016 is shown as 16, only the last two digits.) […]

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